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This is such a subjective topic!

But, I'm going to give my $.02.  You remember that "Crackle" sound you hear, when you first install a new "Coil Head" in your Kanger Clearomizer?

As eJuice residue build up occurs on the wicks that supply eJuice to the coil, the residue causes a "Traffic Jam", and you aren't getting enough juice to the coil for proper vaping.

You will offset the issue by drawing harder and longer on your vaping device to get the same amount of vapor!  Eventually eJuice residue will also build up on the coil itself.  At that point, the eJuice is not efficiently converting to vapor, causing both lack of vapor production, and more importantly lack of taste.

If you notice, your clearomizer is getting hot, that means you are having to draw too hard and long to get your "Vape On"!

One of the biggest factors I have experienced in eJuice buildup is the color of your eJuice!  Rule of thumb is the darker the juice, the faster the build up.  So, if you are vaping eJuice with tobacco extracts, or some of the chocolate and dessert eJuices, just accept that you are going to have to replace your "Coil Heads" more frequently.  It's a small price to pay for your "go to" flavors!

I can't go more than a couple of days before I have to change out my "Coil Head" with a couple of my favorite flavors, but I have others flavors that go upwards of two weeks! 

But, I don't sweat it, and you shouldn't either!  It's a small price to pay, compared to our previous spending habits when we were addicted to Analogs!

Written by Keith Pettersen — August 17, 2013

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This is such a subjective topic!But, I'm going to give my $.02.  You remember that "Crackle" sound you hear, when you first install a new "Coil Head" in your Kanger...